Camera. Typewriter. Telephone. Fan.

Trying something a bit different for this small project.  I gathered an Underwood portable typewriter, a Zeiss Ikon folding camera, Bell rotary telephone and a General Electric electric fan.  I set them out on a wood floor in my home and photographed these objects using three integral instant film cameras, a very new Fuji Instax Mini 90, a slightly older Fuji Instax Wide 210 and a classic Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE using Impossible Project black frame color and b&w 2.0 SX-70 film.

I thought it would be interesting to use the different aspect ratios and quirks of these instant film formats and cameras to document several once-common domestic devices.  This is a little bit of a study on technology with emphasis on types of communication as well as different and simple interpretations of ordinary items from the Past.

I feel that the juxtaposition of same objects with differing exposures and compositions, as well as the contrasting borders of integral instant film lend a dynamic to these static objects.  One can begin to imagine pounding on the spindly keys of the typewriter, dialing in circles on the rotary phone while the brass fan blades spin in circles and someone is taking photos of the whole scene.  The objects fade in and out with time and memory.

For those interested in the technical, Images taken using the Instax Wide 210 feature a white border with a horizontal orientation.  Images taken using the Instax Mini 90 feature a white border with vertical orientation.  The Instax 90 features a double exposure setting which was used for several images.  Finally, the Polaroid SX-70 photos feature a black border with square images.

Also, please note that the position of all the photos randomly changes with each browser refresh.  Please feel free to refresh a few times to re-interpret the work.

Thank you for having a look!

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