Fall Family Photos

Okay, so by the strictest definition, Fall began a few days after our photo shoot, but hey, I didn’t have my & Harper’s work processed & scanned until it was officially fall.  So, Fall Family Photos it is!

Last weekend, my talented wife Stephanie was scheduled to shoot her bi-annual family photos with one of our favorite clients, the Bealls.  Harper & I weren’t busy so we came along for the early morning photo session on Carroll Creek in downtown Frederick, Maryland.

I brought my trusty Leica M6 TTL with 50mm 1.5 Summarit & 90 ‘Cron as well as a handful of Tri-X.


Harper usually shoots with her grape colored Instax Mini 8 but she went to our camera cabinet when we were preparing for the shoot & asked if she could use one of my cameras.  She wanted to take one of our rigid Polaroid SX-70’s, as she often pulls out of the cabinet just to dry fire it for fun.  I explained that it’s rather difficult to use but  I’d just stocked up on Instax Wide film so I suggested one of my Fuji Instax 210’s, which, as you can see, is about as big as her head!



I probably need to better explain the focus with this camera but she did a nice job of composing within the horizontal frame.  Using a camera that does not fire its flash in bright sunlight was good for her too, to get her into using natural lighting.  Unlike the Instax Mini cameras which are focus free aside from macro, the Instax Wide cameras feature two focus zones which is somewhat necessary due to the larger film format.  Close up photos need to be taken at one setting & middle to infinity distances need to be taken with a second setting.  This is a bit more challenging for kids & new Instax shooters.



In the photo above, we see a bit of Steph’s elbow but I was impressed that after taking a couple same shots with Dani & her mom centered, Harper made use of the long frame by composing much more dramatically.  Now if we could get an Instax Wide camera with smarter auto exposure or full manual exposure….

Camden got a little frustrated with taking photos & needed a pep talk from his mom.  Harper followed her photojournalist instinct & documented this personal moment like a real paparazzi.


A kids’ perspective of the world is interesting & fun to behold!



Next, Harper took some solo shots of Dani, one of her best friends.  For most of these images, Harper actually directed Dani herself rather than simply shadow Steph.





Dani & Harper both really liked this shutter blur & shared it with me before it had even finished processing.  Harper blew through nearly 30 shots within less than an hour so I was constantly running behind her as she passed me sheets of film that I tucked safely into my camera bag.

I think this was her strongest image of the day.  Leading lines that make the centered subject not feel boringly placed, realistic moment, good light.


Then, Harper passed me her camera & I took a few of my own Instax shots!



I always have fun shooting with my wife but shooting with my daughter is getting to be quite fun as well!  She is always looking to have fun while learning something new.

Speaking of Steph, if you’re curious as to how the “real” photos from this shoot turned out, have a look below:


Thanks for reading!  Drop us a line & let Harper know what you think of her work!

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