Instax at Chiller Theatre!

Chiller Theatre is a movie convention that’s been going on for some time now.  At Chiller, you can meet your favorite celebrity and buy some super cool movie memorabilia.

This year, I took my trusty Fuji Instax Mini 90 and it got a lot of attention.  I got questions like “How old is that thing?” and “Wait, it shoots on FILM?  Like Polaroid?!”

Autograph collectors know that having a shot of you obtaining a signature or with the celebrity is critical in authenticating a signature.  But for those of us who just enjoy meeting some of our heroes, it’s just nice to have a snapshot with them.  Instax is great for this!

So anyway, here are some of the awesome folks that I met at Chiller this year.

If you grew up in the 90’s & watched Nickelodeon, you should recognize these ginger brothers!  The Adventures of Pete & Pete stars Mike Maronna & Danny Tamberelli!  “Old Pete” really liked my Polaroid shirt!
Kyra Schon played Karen Cooper, the little girl who kills her parents in 1968’s Night of the Living Dead, don’t worry, she’s as friendly as they come in real life!
Judith O’Dea is my all time favorite scream queen who starred in Night of the Living Dead as Barbra.  Nobody loses a shoe like this woman!
And the actress with the longest line at Chiller, Mena Suvari.  My favorite roles of hers were in American Beauty & Six Feet Under but you may also remember her from American Pie or numerous other movies or TV shows!

Something that struck me as amusing was how people naturally held the Instax 90 horizontally.  Despite being in or around the movie industry, everyone I talked to was very curious about the camera, having never seen one before.  Several said they wanted one now though!

As always, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Instax at Chiller Theatre!

  1. I used to watch Pete & Pete with my oldest son! He’ll be 32 this year. That show was so left field it was great. My favorite character was Nona. I was kind of glad when Artie, The World’s Strongest Man, was written out of the show; I never took to his character.

    You keep finding good creative uses for Instax!

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