Despicable Me Fuji Instax Mini Camera!



Check out this super cool new, special edition Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera!  It was released to promote Despicable Me 3 and has been designed, very cleverly, to resemble one of those lovable Minion characters.

I love the lens cover that looks like a Minion eye!





Notice the addition of hands and feed and the belt.  These are actually just a fitted half case that slips over the special yellow Instax 8.  This camera has no additional features to a normal Instax Mini 8 camera and will require manual exposure of your film.  In fact, if you buy this new Instax 8, you should be able to put the case and lens cover on your old Instax 8, if you want to switch things up.



There’s also a fun little illustration on the back featuring this camera itself being questioned by a suspicious Minion!



The camera appears to be exclusively available at Best Buy for $99.99, about $40 more than a standard Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera.

This adorable Instax model will surely become a sought-after collectible though!


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