Almost three years ago, I was wandering the streets of downtown Philadelphia with my friends and my Leica.

Philly is undergoing a bit of a revival.  Rundown old properties are being rejuvenated and turned into trendy new homes and businesses.  There’s a lot of character in the old buildings that I hope can be preserved and even showcased.  I’ve done a small part with this photograph of a beautifully quirky door that I happened across while bar-hopping.

© 2015 Johnny Martyr | http://www.JohnnyMartyr.com

The photo was taken with my 1999 Leica M6 TTL and 1954 Leitz 5cm Summarit lens on Ilford Delta film.  I hand-processed the film using Kodak HC110b.  The negative was cleaned, dried and digitized.  Basic levels edits were made before the file was printed by Ilford Labs on real silver gelatin paper.

This print of “1320” will go on sale and display at FCC from September 9th to October 4th as part of this year’s ArtistAngle Gallery Exhibition.  Please find some time in your busy schedule to come out and see not only my piece but also a sample of the amazing work coming out of Frederick, Maryland.



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