Kodak P3200 Photos Coming Soon!

As promised, Kodak’s newly re-released TMAX P3200 film has officially hit the shelves!

6 days ago, Kodak Alaris posted the film’s official datasheet

5 days ago, an overjoyed Michael Raso of Film Photography Project began posting photos of his delivery of P3200.

And this morning, FED EX hand-delivered my pre-order of August 2019 expiration dated P3200 from B&H who’ve since discounted their price!


What’s perhaps more exciting news, for me anyway, is that yesterday afternoon, I was contacted directly by a Kodak Alaris representative to receive a complimentary sample of P3200.  But that’s not all, they are requesting my first images from the film be shared with them to potentially publicize the “new” film!

Shhh!  The rest is a secret!

Let me know what you would like to see my first shots to be of and shot with!

I’m thinking my Leica M6 TTL + 50/1.5 Summarit, maybe a local concert or dinner/drinks with beautiful friends (candid available light portraits).

Tell me what YOU would like to see me shoot with the first rolls of TMAX P3200 to hit the street!

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3 thoughts on “Kodak P3200 Photos Coming Soon!

  1. Congrats! I’ve never shot it myself and don’t have any yet, but looking forward to using it soon. I guess if I get a say in what you shoot first, I’d like you to go somewhere really dark and make the most beautiful images at ASA25,000. I want to see what this film can really do when put through its paces!


    1. Joe, thanks for your thoughts! I have only pushed up to 12800. Beyond that it makes sense to get into stand developing and I’m not sure I have time or patience for that! 6400 is probably my target here as is my norm with Delta. But yes, it will definitely be very dark!

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