Matt & Kim & Steph & Johnny – or – Damn, Flying Dog Brewery Sure Knows How to Provide Hurricane Relief!

Matt & Kim are an awesome indie-pop duo out of Brooklyn.

Steph & Johnny are an awesome photography duo out of Frederick.

Are you feelin’ the synergy?!

Nobody was sure if Saturday’s sold out Matt & Kim show at Flying Dog Brewery was going to be possible with the threat of Hurricane Florence looming.  Amazingly, not only were Matt and Kim able to perform but Flying Dog announced that they are donating 100% of their proceeds to hurricane relief!


Happy to support the cause, Steph and I enjoyed many delicious beers!  And Matt & Kim pop-rocked the shit out of Frederick, promoting their sixth studio album, Almost Everyday.

In anticipation of poor weather, Steph and I brought cameras/lenses that are more or less disposable for us.  She used her Nikon D600 with 85/1.4 AF and Nikkormat FT2 with 85/1.8 AI’d.  I shot one of my Nikon FM2n’s with 50/1.8 AIS and an FM with 28/2.8 Series E.  For film, we used Kodak TMAX P3200 rated at 6400 and Tri-X at 1600.  Yesterday I processed in Kodak HC110b and scanned with my Epson V500.  Steph processed in Lightroom!

As per standard, press were allowed to photograph only the first three opening songs.  The shoot was just like Matt says that Kim likes it; hard and fast!

EPSON scanner image

Stage lights were blinding in epileptic fits that caused my meters to fire all three LED’s simultaneously as the vintage electronics struggled to keep up.  The FM2n was more stable than the FM whose meter just freaked the fuck out.  The old Nikkomat swing needle flitted up and down like a crack addict.

EPSON scanner image


Matt’s vocals and keys were clean and bright while Kim just brutalized her little drum kit.  You almost felt sorry for it.  If she wasn’t wailing away on it, she was standing on it.

EPSON scanner image

Her exaltations were adrenaline-induced.  Ecstatic.




EPSON scanner image

Matt’s glassy hooks bounced around in the mid-September air like the primary colored balloons that were dropped onto the crowd.


Matt and Kim’s big hit single Daylight soundtracked Steph’s and my first summer together as a couple.  Hearing that song reminds me of a great time in our lives and it makes me so happy that we’re here, making another awesome memory together!

EPSON scanner image

Many thanks to Flying Dog Brewery for inviting Stephanie and I to photograph the mind-blowing show they hosted.  And donating the proceeds.  AWESOME.

Kim, if you’re reading, I know you’re a big fan of black and white, and Steph and I are big fans of you!  I’ll be happy to send you a framed print from the show for your b&w room, just say the word! 😉

And if you’re not Matt or Kim, thanks to you for reading too!

*All images in this article © 2018 Martyr & Lee Photography – Please reach out to us at for usage requests, thanks!

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