New and improved for 2019!


Well, actually, I overhauled my site in the final months of 2018 but I think I’ve got all the bugs blown out and tweaks sufficiently tweaked.  What d’ya think?!


For anyone who remembers the old JohnnyMartyr.com, you’ll note that I finally removed ALL my color images, simplified my genres and yanked all my prattle.

I was holding onto numerous dated, irrelevant projects despite having moved away from color film and lab-processed/scanned images around 2013.  There were even a few digital shots on the old site.  *GASP*  It took some bravery to go back to the early 2000’s, let go of the crutches and just hit “delete” on photos that have become part of how I see myself.  But I finally feel confident enough in my recent and more successful work to allow only the essential to stand on its own.

Leica M6 TTL .85 | Leitz Summitar 5cm f2 | Kodak Tri-X | Kodak HC110b | Epson V500 | Adobe Photoshop

I simplified the entirety of the site in every way that I could think of; fewer images, fewer pages, fewer colors, fewer words, and even fewer lettered words!  My concept was to be very direct about what I am doing rather than try to explain and demonstrate it at length.  Inspiration may have come from too many requests to do color weddings last year, sorry brides!

Not only were these aesthetic concerns but JohnnyMartyr.com should load faster for you now and work better on mobile devices (since iPhone users seem to visit often.)

The only thing that I didn’t truncate is my ever-growing list of references.  That will be one part of my page that hopefully continues to get enlarged.  See what I did there?!

I hope you enjoy my new page and get a better vision of my vision!

Thanks for clicking and feel free to share your feedback (I’m not a graphic designer so you won’t hurt my feelings) and/or film photography websites in the comments!

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