Suck a Dick, Fuji!

Suck a dick, Fuji!  You’re worse than an ex-girlfriend. My romance with Fuji started early on.  In 1999, before there was Ektar or the current iteration of Portra, and before I got into 3200 speed and b&w, Fuji made my favorite films.  I loved Fuji. They made their mark on the photographic world by making […]

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The Importance of Light Seals

Let me begin by admitting that I’m sick and tired of film photographers telling other film photographers not to worry about their light seals because they’re not necessary.  This is complete and total bullshit and the inspiration for this post.  There’s nothing more infuriating in the world of film, for me, than the spread of misinformation. […]

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5 Years of Photoblogging

I started Film Photography for the 21st Century in 2014.  I’m not entirely sure what my intention was.  But you may have noticed that my subject matter and frequency of posting waiver fairly wildly.  I know this isn’t what’s recommended to be a successful blogger but hey, I just appreciate your readership as I continue […]

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