Where to Buy Film Cameras & Lenses

I’ll say it right now.  eBay sucks.  Amazon sucks.  These are not proper camera retailers and should not be the first places we go to find film equipment and photography supplies.  Most sellers on these sites do not check, much less service their vintage cameras or lenses prior to sale.  These are sites where people go to buy classic cameras and lenses when they don’t know a better place to go or simply cannot find what they are looking for at a real retailer.

I’ll admit, a good percentage of my accessories and more unusual items come from eBay.  There’s nothing wrong with buying something that can’t really break, such as a lens hood, from eBay or Amazon.  But my most expensive bodies and lenses, I buy from trusted, reputable dealers who check and service the gear prior to sale and also provide a warranty.

Okay, so two of these Nikkomats came from pawn shops, but they were CLA’d!  The FT2 came from B&H.  The 135/2.8 from KEH, case from Ace Photo and so on…

If you try to cut corners buying cheap, un-serviced gear, your photos will suffer.  If not now, at some point when you least suspect it.  And it’s not good for old cameras to go without service for more than a couple decades.  Lubricants harden and the camera may appear to work just fine but with every shot, you’re actually wearing down fine, precision parts which may be impossible to replace in the future.  Not a good scene my friend.

So look, here’s a list of websites where I buy, friends have bought, and generally seem to have good reputations.  If you’re looking for something, check these sites FIRST, then go to eBay or Amazon out of desperation.  Or also, some of these sellers have a presence on eBay and Amazon for exactly this reason.  Buy from them there if you like.  But the point is, support businesses who support us.  Don’t just throw money at people who are emptying out their parents’ closet for extra cash.  It may be fun and cheap for the moment but it’s not sustainable long term.

Used 35mm, medium format and digital cameras, lenses and accessories within the continental U.S.:


Robert’s Camera

Classic Connection

F-Stop Cameras

Film Photography Project Store




Serviced and customized 35mm and medium format folding cameras within the U.S.:


Nikon F2 service and sales in the UK and worldwide:

Sover Wong

Voigtlander authorized U.S. Dealer and repair:

Stephan Gandy


New toy and point-and-shoot type film cameras and accessories within the United States:

Freestyle Photo

Lomography (and outside the US)

Used 35mm, medium format cameras, lenses and accessories worldwide but specifically in the EU:


Rocky Cameras

Film, processing, used 35mm, medium format cameras, lenses and accessories worldwide but specifically in Russia:

Foqus Store

Used and new Leica cameras, lenses and accessories:

Tamarkin (in the United States)

Classic Connection (in the United States)

Red Dot Camera (in the United Kingdom)

New Instax and serviced/upgraded Polaroid cameras international:




And if you’re in the Baltimore, Maryland area, please pay a visit to Baltimore Photo Electronic Supply where I’ve been getting my cameras and having them serviced for nearly 20 years!

Got another favorite photo watering hole?  Let me know in the comments so we can all check it out!

Thanks and happy hunting!

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16 thoughts on “Where to Buy Film Cameras & Lenses

  1. As I’ve increasingly left eBay behind because I want guaranteed good gear, I buy from Used Photo Pro, usedphotopro.com. They’re based here in Indianapolis. Like KEH, but smaller selection.

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  2. I agree, a very useful post I wish I had read 20 years ago. I myself have had bad luck with KEH ( I sent almost everything back) and f stop cameras, but fully endorse Robert’s and B+H. I have been shopping at B+H for over 30 years and only had one return which they took care of instantly. I love those guys. I also figured out (too late) that it would have been cheaper to buy a serviced F2 from Sover than buy one on eBay and then have it serviced. (Because of shipping) Live and learn. My other favorites are Tamarkin and Sherry Krauter for Leica equipment.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, joe! I think any place that sells used vintage devices is going to have their share of issues from time to time. I only had one problem with KEH personally but a friend went through quite a bit of shit with buying a Leica M from them. And I had a bad B&H experience with a D810 last year but have bought nice 35mm gear from them.


  3. For used Leica gear the first place I look is Leica Store San Francisco. For any other cameras or lenses it’s Blue Boon Camera. For film, chemicals, darkroom equipment, etc. it’s Freestyle.

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    1. I have heard Blue Moon is good too. We have a Leica Store in DC was but they seldom have used film cams. Awesome to browse though! And yes, Freestyle is wonderful. I should do a lis for film and processing supplies. Thanks for your recommendations!


  4. Great list here Johnny! I have used Blue Moon for repairs…they are excellent and I visited their store when I was in town. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Portland. Victory Camera in CO is another very reputable used camera dealer. Josh the owner is a fair and square dealer. I have never had a bad experience at KEH or B&H either. And Don Goldberg at DAG Camera frequently offers serviced cameras for sale on his site.

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