Good Riddance to the VW Beetle

Volkswagen has announced that the last Beetles will roll off the assembly line in July of this year.  Articles and social media are lit up with nostalgic tributes to this iconic automobile.  After all, the world has been driving the Volkswagen Beetle since 1938.

Well, not really.

This is a photograph of a REAL VW engine taken with a REAL Nikon Film camera on REAL Fuji film

The revolutionary Porsche-designed 1938 Type 1 sedan differs massively from the derivative pile of junk that is being killed off this year.  The Type 1 is a landmark in German engineering and creativity which sadly met its demise back in 2003.  That’s a 65 year run with only minor upgrades throughout its model history.  A 2003 Type 1 VW Beetle could share numerous parts with it’s earliest ancestors.

This is an image of a REAL VW Beetle taken on a REAL Olympus film camera on REAL Fuji Film

The Original Beetle was never officially called a Beetle at all.  This was a mere nickname, among many.  But the cosmetic rehash of the Beetle was officially named New Beetle, as just one of innumerable ways that Volkswagen cashed in on the enthusiast-generated legacy of the smart little car.  The Fake Beetle is actually nothing more than a VW Golf or later a VW Jetta, wearing an ugly, bloated body.  It’s not a revolutionary car.  It’s not even an evolutionary car.  It’s pure marketing.  And that is precisely why it was a failure, having a run of only a fraction of its predecessor.

Sadly, we see pure marketing products in the camera industry also.  Companies who were once titans in their field, designing cameras and films that changed the course of photography, putting out derivative piles of junk in hopes to coax film photographers to enter the more profitable digital world.  The list of disgraces is numerous but a few noteworthy blights are the Nikon Df, Olympus OM-D, Pentax MX-1.  I don’t even want to get into VSCO or Mastin Labs fake film filters….

Let it be known that here, at Johnny Martyr’s WordPress, we only drive REAL Beetles and shoot on REAL classic cameras on REAL film.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me on this!  We can keep the REAL things alive if we try.

EPSON scanner image
This is an image of a REAL VW Beetle taken with a REAL Olympus film camera on REAL Kodak film

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