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For my last entry, I shared The Very Best of Johnny Martyr, but as with most greatest hits compilations, so many great songs get left behind.  Often the songs that mean the most to the author are not the chart-toppers.

So if you don’t mind, I’d like you to give the blogs below a second chance.

I’m convinced that they deserve a second look, a bit more consideration than the fateful algorithms of the internet originally bestowed.  I’m proud of having shot and written them, no matter how low their statistics, but maybe they’re worth a small bump in readership.  

Whaddaya think?

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a little over two years since Kodak re-released TMAX P3200.  I was honored when Kodak gave me some of the first rolls made available to the public, to test and share images from.  When the film arrived in the mail, I knew that I needed to shoot something that would show off the film more than simple tests in my backyard and around town.  One of my favorite bands, Vinyl Rhino were scheduled to play at a well-lit bar in Frederick.  The show was awesome.  I was very pleased with the photos.  And Petapixel shared my story resulting in countless friend requests, emails and comments that were all about as fun, if not more, than the show itself.  Oh, and I got a little shout-out the next time I saw the band play!  For an encore performance, here’s:

Rockin’ Out with Kodak TMAX P3200

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is johnnymartyr_vinylrhino_m6_newp3200_005.jpg

I’ve shot quite a few concerts over the years, but there was a brief stint during 2018 and 2019 that I thought I could make a serious habit of it again.  COVID of course put an end to whatever momentum I’d been building and sometimes readers just don’t respond with the enthusiasm that you have for a project.  Such was the case when my wife and I photographed pop rock duo, Matt and Kim.  The shoot itself was exhilarating and stressful, then I stayed up until I think it was 4am the night of the show, processing so that I could post the photos that weekend.  I hit “Publish” and it was crickets.  How could that be?!  It will still be one of my favorite shoots and dates with my wife!  And hey, my favorite photo from the night also won top pick in an Analog Forever Magazine exhibition.

Matt & Kim & Steph & Johnny

The work of some photographers is remembered for decades, others, well, we’re forgotten by the next day! Such was the case when I joined a small, stylish and fortunate crowd to celebrate the opening of famed photojournalist David Burnett’s retrospective exhibit at the Leica Store. I couldn’t have hoped for a more thrilling evening. I was surrounded by startlingly accomplished photographers, beautiful photos AND beautiful Leica gear! Maybe my coverage of the event paled by comparison to these titans of journalism but I was pretty happy with:

We Choose to Go to the Moon; David Burnett @ the Leica Store DC

Talk about pouring ones heart and soul into ones work. Back in June, it seemed that protests or riots were breaking out in every major U.S. city in opposition of police brutality towards African Americans. When one was slated for my town of Frederick, Maryland, I knew that I had to document it. The fear of violence erupting was ever-present, the rain drenched me and my equipment, and to be perfectly honest, I just didn’t know what story I was trying to tell or how to tell it. But violence didn’t break out. Police were awesome. Protesters were awesome. And hey, I think my photographs were pretty awesome too. I was even interviewed by Film Photography Project about:

One Photographer’s Experience; The Frederick Maryland March for Justice

I think these were all worth a second look, weren’t they? I know that I may blab on about this or that camera or lens but these are the blogs that have meant the most to me, and I thought would be important to readers too.

The internet is rife with camera and lens reviews. But I don’t see enough event coverage on film. And that’s what I’m trying to do here at my blog and for work/pleasure in general. To document important and current cultural events on a timeless medium, with a timeless style. I think that doing so demonstrates the continued and perhaps undying relevance of film. And moreover, it gives perspective that technology and the tools of communication needn’t be linear in our use and enjoyment of them, or what messages we make make with them.

Alright, enough pontificating. As always, thanks for reading and happy shooting.

Oh, and I believe that another favorite for me will be appearing on tomorrow. Be sure to have a look 😉

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