The Final Moments of 9/11 Photographer, Bill Biggart

*I originally published the following article on Petapixel on September 11th, 2020, it is reproduced here in honor of the 20th anniversary“With a press pass around his neck and a camera bag over his shoulder, in the middle of a crossfire – Bill was in heaven.”  --Wendy Doremus September 11, 2001 was a sunny Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Do Professional Film Photographers Still Exist?

It's a question that I think many photographers, film and digital alike, dismiss before even considering it: Do professional film photographers still exist? Most people would say, no.  But I think there's an inaccurate narrative about film's place in modern photography.  And it might stem from the lack of noise that pro film shooters make... Continue Reading →

A Review of Sorts, Bill Cunningham: On the Street

"Legacy? I'm a worker in the factory; all we care about is today! A legacy... what a bunch of baloney." Last week, photographer Bill Cunningham's posthumously compiled book was released and I immediately scooped up a copy.  You should too! Bill Cunningham was a prolific photographer who famously documented remarkably dressed but average people on... Continue Reading →

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