Talking about the New Leica Film Camera – With Dan Tamarkin & Jason Nicholson

Regardless of if you own a Leica, own 50 Leica's, wish you owned a Leica or don't give a shit about Leica cameras, the prolific camera maker's recent announcement of a new film camera is important news for the film, and maybe even the photography community as a whole. Last year, I published an article... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Film Photographer, Stephanie Bryan

Film photography websites are often dominated by male-centric camera fetish articles built on claims of indestructibility and a glorious history that seems to have concluded as shelf decor with occasional use.  I love reading (and writing) about vintage film cameras and certainly reference all these sites when I'm on the market for a new piece... Continue Reading →

Interview with Production Photographer, William Gray

Within the motion picture industry, William Gray's storied history as a production photographer and his love for film proceeds him. In the early 2000's, I worked with director Bob Giraldi on a Super 16 commercial campaign.  I took production stills on my Nikon FM's and Kodak Retina, catching the attention of the crew.  It became... Continue Reading →

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