Little Camera, Big Money

Leica Camera Number 105 - Leitz Photographica Auction, LEICA CAMERA CLASSICS Everyone else is making money from Leica Number 105 so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring for a few bucks too. Hey! Before you read any further, like and subscribe as they say!  😉  Don't know what I'm talking about? Last... Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on Bright-Line Viewfinders

Over the years, many different manufacturers have offered many different types of accessory viewfinders that have taken on numerous forms. I have tried only a handful but am pretty committed to what are known as as "bright-line" accessory viewfinders. Unlike early viewfinders that consist only of wire frames of appropriate sizes or even simple optical... Continue Reading →

Seven Recommended Rangefinder Focusing Techniques

Many photographers struggle with focusing rangefinder cameras. Some photographers, unfortunately, tend to shoot only wider/slower lenses or give up on rangefinders entirely for this reason. But I don't think photography should always be easy and by learning to use simpler cameras, we can internalize concepts and develop instincts and reflexes that apply to any type... Continue Reading →

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