Film Prices are Skyrocketing – Shoot More Film!

Turn on any news station, any time of day, probably in any part of the world, and you'll hear about it. The prices on daily consumable goods are going up, up, up! Photographic film is not immune to the global supply chain and inflation issues that are plaguing every industry. Kodak, Fuji, Lomography and others... Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on Bright-Line Viewfinders

Over the years, many different manufacturers have offered many different types of accessory viewfinders that have taken on numerous forms. I have tried only a handful but am pretty committed to what are known as as "bright-line" accessory viewfinders. Unlike early viewfinders that consist only of wire frames of appropriate sizes or even simple optical... Continue Reading →

Traditional Prints in a Digital World

From film... to digital... and back again! Throughout the 20th century, b&w silver gelatin prints were THE standard in b&w photography. Unlike modern inkjet prints which consist of ink sprayed onto the surface of paper, silver gelatin paper, like photographic film itself, consists of layers of organic and chemical material.  So the resulting images have... Continue Reading →

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