by Johnny Martyr Ever since I was a young art student visiting museums on class field trips, I enjoyed buying postcards that depicted the work of my favorite artists. Most people cannot afford original prints of famous photographs, and who really wants to display large prints that are anything less than original? Small postcard sized... Continue Reading →

How To Deal with Problems from Your Film Lab

Recently, a fellow film photographer posted a hastily-taken snapshot of an envelope of loose negatives. They stated that a well-known and well regarded lab had scratched all their negatives. It wasn't clear if the problem was just how the negatives were packaged, causing a potential for scratches or how bad the scratches, if any, were.... Continue Reading →

Talking about the New Leica Film Camera – With Dan Tamarkin & Jason Nicholson

Regardless of if you own a Leica, own 50 Leica's, wish you owned a Leica or don't give a shit about Leica cameras, the prolific camera maker's recent announcement of a new film camera is important news for the film, and maybe even the photography community as a whole. Last year, I published an article... Continue Reading →

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