Photographers Photographing Photographers

My wife and I operate a small local photography business and we often joke about the sad fact that we are out taking other families' portraits so often that we never take any of our own. The walls of our house are filled with memorable candids that Stephanie and I have taken of our kids... Continue Reading →

These Photos Were Processed In Kodak’s New HC110 In Spite of The Product’s Single Flaw

In early 2019, the film community was pretty stressed out, and with good reason. The nearly two century old chemical manufacturer, Tetenal appeared close to shutting down. Many photographers have probably never even heard of this company, but Tetenal has been "the man behind the curtain" for many of Kodak's products for decades. The product... Continue Reading →

Photographing Fireworks with a 90 Year Old Leica

*photos and text depict July 2019 There they were, a continuous, almost organized line of middle-aged men in various stages of unfolding tripods, mounting massive DSLR's on them, carefully aiming long lenses at indeterminate points in the darkening late evening sky.  The LCD's lit their faces with a soft glow as they took test shots... Continue Reading →

One Photographer’s Experience; The Frederick Maryland March for Justice

It's a little after 10pm on Friday, June 5 2020.  My negatives are hanging in a nearby window to dry and my shoes are still sopping wet too. Today was the Frederick March for Justice, one of innumerable nationwide demonstrations in honor of George Floyd. A storm front began lingering around the area Thursday afternoon... Continue Reading →

One Photographer’s Experience; the George Floyd Washington D.C. Protests

Guest blog; all text and photos by Ben Eisendrath, depicting his experience on Sunday May 31st, 2020 When the crowd’s chants and weight against the steel barricades diminished, the wall of police stepped back, careful to remain shield-to-shield. The quieter the protesters, the further away law enforcement fell. But when the chants turned instead to... Continue Reading →

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