Engagement Photos with the 1979 Leitz 50mm f2 Summicron Tiger Paw

By Johnny Martyr If you've read my blog 5 LTM 50's for $500 or Less, you will have some idea how deep a rabbit hole I've gone down, searching for the perfect Leica-mount 50mm lens. Despite a belief that you don't need to spend a lot on a Leica mount 50mm, I eventually found it... Continue Reading →

These Photos Were Processed In Kodak’s New HC110 In Spite of The Product’s Single Flaw

In early 2019, the film community was pretty stressed out, and with good reason. The nearly two century old chemical manufacturer, Tetenal appeared close to shutting down. Many photographers have probably never even heard of this company, but Tetenal has been "the man behind the curtain" for many of Kodak's products for decades. The product... Continue Reading →

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