Paris, France on Kodak Tri-X at EI 1600

I visited Paris, France in 2022 and recently again in 2023. For night time and indoor photography I shot Kodak Tri-X at 1600. To continue my theme of "don't just shoot film the way influencers tell you to," I figured I'd go over the different ways I used Tri-X on my trips and some other... Continue Reading →

How To Deal with Problems from Your Film Lab

Recently, a fellow film photographer posted a hastily-taken snapshot of an envelope of loose negatives. They stated that a well-known and well regarded lab had scratched all their negatives. It wasn't clear if the problem was just how the negatives were packaged, causing a potential for scratches or how bad the scratches, if any, were.... Continue Reading →

Seven Recommended Rangefinder Focusing Techniques

Many photographers struggle with focusing rangefinder cameras. Some photographers, unfortunately, tend to shoot only wider/slower lenses or give up on rangefinders entirely for this reason. But I don't think photography should always be easy and by learning to use simpler cameras, we can internalize concepts and develop instincts and reflexes that apply to any type... Continue Reading →

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