Mid Atlantic Analog Photographers Gallery Opening


My work was recently featured at a new gallery in Frederick, MD for a group show of the newly formed Mid Atlantic Analog Photographers.  The gallery is The ArtistsAngle, located at 124 South Carroll Street in historic downtown Frederick and our show will be up for the remainder of the month if you’d like to stop in.

The gallery is owned by art patron and local framer Jennifer Finley (of Artomatic fame) and much of the blood, sweat and tears put into the organization and execution of the show were shed by local film photographers Kayleigh Montgomery and Ashley Hoffman.

The show consists of portraits by 11 local film photographers printed on and taken with various filmic media, representing many different processes and styles, many also use digital editing and/or printing representing collaborative media efforts.  We have already had large crowds of guests as well as were featured in the Frederick News Post with several articles containing favourable reviews.


I selected 5 of my b&w documentary portraits, all shot on Ilford or Kodak 35mm film and push processed to 6400 ISO in order to shoot sans flash in very low light situations.  The photos were taken of friends over the last several years while out drinking, eating and in one case while my fiancee Stephanie took formal portraits.

The film was scanned and edited digitally and then I tried a fairly new print process.  Until recently, the silver gelatin print was The Standard in printing b&w images.  Lately printers use high quality ink jet printers but with silver gelatin, the image is printed chemically just as it would in a darkroom by hand.  Ilford Lab Direct in California now offers silver gelatin prints made from digital files.  So this is what I chose, shot on film, edited digitally then back to analog again for the print.

You’ll have to stop by the gallery to see all the depth and true neutral monochrome of the prints but for those who can’t make it out to Frederick, below are the photos that I used in their digital form as well as a photo of my work on the wall!

Photo by Suzzane Gross
Tricia © Johnny Martyr, Silver Gelatin 8×12 print framed & matted – $300, unframed $250
Rebecca © Johnny Martyr, Silver Gelatin 8×12 print framed & matted – $300, unframed $250
Stephanie © Johnny Martyr, Silver Gelatin 8×12 print framed & matted – $300, unframed $250
Brittany © Johnny Martyr, Silver Gelatin 8×12 print framed & matted – $300, unframed $250
Navit © Johnny Martyr, Silver Gelatin 8×12 print framed & matted – $300, unframed $250

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited our gallery as well as the other artists who’ve put so much work and care into making it happen!

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2 thoughts on “Mid Atlantic Analog Photographers Gallery Opening

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  1. I have some old darkroom equipment
    I was wanting to sell.
    Any thoughts where I might be able to reach out someone. I live 8n the Frederick area.
    Sharon Nicholas
    Sharimage@aol com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Sharon, thanks for asking. Some “old darkroom equipment” is reasonably valuable such as sinks, enlargers, and drying cabinets as well as the accessories for them. Anything that’s branded Kodak, Ilford or Fuji can be collectible. But items such as trays, tongs, bottles, lights, timers, hoses, and even processing tanks depending on various things, tend to be giveaway or trash items. If you’d like to email me what you have specifically at JohnnyMartyr@Hotmail.com, I can let you know a good forum for sale but the usual suspects are usually good such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace.


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