Photographica: The Art of Photography

Helen Gee took a big risk when she opened the world’s first art gallery for, get this, PHOTOGRAPHY!

That’s right, it wasn’t until 1954, with the opening of Limelight in Greenwich Village, New York that there was a gallery featuring photography as art.  She sold Robert Frank and Ansel Adams among numerous other, now, household names.

Inspired by the work of Helen Gee, Jennifer Finley, the curator of ArtistAngle Gallery in downtown Frederick, Maryland approached me with her most recent show idea.

She’s calling it Photographica: The Art of Photography.  Her concept is a group show that displays a diverse array of photography processes from 19 of most prolific art photographers in the area.

Photographica will be open to the public at the ArtistAngle Gallery 124 South Carroll St. Frederick, MD 21701 from November 3rd to December 22nd 2018.

Join the artists and have a signature Cafe 11:11 drink at the Opening Reception on Saturday, November 3rd, 5pm-8pm

For more questions/information, please contact Jennifer at

Below you can find a list of participating artists and some of our work!  Thanks!

Kayleigh Montgomery
John Nelson
George Smyth
Johnny Martyr
Michael Pannier
Beamie Young
Frank Cervarich
Rebecca Carpenter
James Mignogna
Susan Ruddick Bloom
Peter Foiles
Catherine Barnstone Szafran
Lisa Sheirer
James Cowman
Dan Scenna
Mark Rothkopf
Carol Leadbetter
Braughan Morrison
Bill Adkins

thumbnail_Palazzo dei Consoli Gubbio
James V. Mignogna – “These are prints of palladium, a platinum family precious metal, on a translucent paper vellum, and backed in 24k gold leaf.  This allows the gold to show and reflect light back through the paper and emulsion, creating further warmth to the palladium print.”
Kayleigh Montgomery -“Hasselblad 500c on Ilford delta 100. I made these images while exploring Downtown Frederick. Although I am very familiar with the city, I like to take walks and investigate the alleys and neighborhoods that I don’t encounter every day. I almost always find something worth capturing!”
Johnny Martyr – “Electrical conduit outside of my office, rendered on a 1930 Leica camera with Kodak Tri-X film which I processed by hand and digitized.  The image was minimally edited then printed from the digital file to traditional silver gelatin paper for this show.”
thumbnail_Carpenter - Butterfly sculpture #1
Rebecca Carpenter – “These sculptures are about five feet high… I aged the metal surfaces and transferred the images on to the metal.”
Oh What A Night
Carol Leadbetter – “Memory or Dream” a photographic sketch
Braughan Morrison – Scanography
John Nelson –  “For this wet plate collodion tintype, I asked the model, Anoush Anou, to sit in a specific away, relative to the camera. She saw a bunch of dried flowers cast aside on a table and wanted to hold them in the photo.  I am honored to continue the Wet Plate Collodion technique, which dates to 1851, as does the lens used for this photo.”

Thanks for checking out our work!

We’d love to see you at the Opening Reception on Saturday, November 3rd!  

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