The 2019 Leica Repair Tech List

When I was visiting New York City this past year, to photograph MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, I accidentally damaged my 1930 Leica.  I stopped by The Leica Store, SOHO and talked to them about the problem.  I was told that Leica, only in the last several years stopped accepting service requests on screw mount and some vintage bodies.  Between this and the fact that their work on M bodies has gotten quite costly, Leica shooters might be unsure where to turn.

So here’s a list of both shops I’ve used and ones my friends have used and recommended, who love to work on Leica cameras and lenses.  Most of these folks are pretty old school and have terribly dated websites.  So shoot them an email, phone call or FAX (!) if you want to see what they’re really about.


Lev Gutman (Maryland, USA)  410-484-2345 – Lev has rebuilt my Voigtlander Nokon 50/1.5, Leitz Summarit 50/1.5 and sold me my 1930 Leica which he also later had to repair after I loaded it incorrectly!  Lev has supplied me with beautiful cameras and quality service for them for nearly 2 decades.  Highly recommended for service of older Leica gear.  Best to stop by his shop, he doesn’t do email.  Phone is fine but put on your Russian accent ears 😉 UPDATE: Check out my article about Lev’s shop, BPES.  Sadly though Lev retired some time after I published

Frank Marshman (Virginia, USA)  540-867-9671 – I have yet to send a project to Frank but my buddy and former AP photog Vince Lupo trusts Frank implicitly with all his rare/old Leica gear.  And I don’t personally know anyone more knowledgeable or who has owned more Leica’s than Vince.  So this is quite a strong recommendation.

Gerry Smith (Toronto, Canada)  905-940-9262 – Another recommended repair guy from Vince Lupo who is from Canada.  Gerry is known locally as one of the last classic Leica techs. UPDATE: Gerry has retired

Don Goldberg (Wisconsin, USA)  608-835-3342 – Everyone knows Don though many call him DAG.  You hear the name everywhere you hear Leica.  He upgraded my M6 TTL 0.85 with the flare free MP finder optics, rebuilt my 5cm Summitar and calibrated my 90mm Summicron.  He’s fairly chatty via email and I believe he handles all or most of Dan Tamarkin’s Leica service work.

Sherry Krauter (New York, USA)  845-496-8834 – Sherry’s “Golden Touch” is another buzzword in Leica circles.  She actually trained at Leica in the 70’s.  I have found her a little less responsive than Don but she certainly knows her stuff and is also practically famous for her work.

Youxin Ye (Massachusetts, USA) 781-830-9141 – A few years ago, I gave my friend Andrew a IIIf that I got cheap and needed more work than I wanted to put into it.  He passed it on to Youxin who replaced the shutter, replaced the beam splitter and of course fully cleaned, lubed and adjusted everything.  Andrew says the IIIf is absolutely perfect now.

Shueido Camera (Taipai, Taiwan) 2545-1212 – Okay, so once your Leica has been mechanically and optically restored, what about a crazy paint job?  That’s right, Shueido Camera will not only black a chrome body but they like to get creative and add brassing and hammertone or other interesting finishes.  From what I can see, their work is legit.  They fully disassemble bodies, take them down to the brass and then apply a professional grade finish.  They have an active eBay store and Facebook page full of jaw-dropping eye-candy.  Check them out!

Aki-Asahi Camera (Nagoya, Japan) +81-52-893-8458 – Maybe your Leica just needs some sprucing up, some new DIY vulcanite perhaps?  If you’ll settle for some laser cut, self-adhesive black leather, look no further.  I have not used Aki-Asahi for Leica but did buy some awesome aluminum covering for my Polaroid SX-70 and was really happy with the product.  They sell LTM and M leathers in standard pebble grain black as well as wild snake skin.

Camera Leather (Vermont, USA) – Morgan Sparks sparked the vintage camera re-covering craze back in the early 2000’s.  His site has had its share of the up’s and down’s that we film photographers tend to see from our niche industry but is back at full steam from what I understand.  I love Grip Tac which is a type of synthetic rubber covering that looks sort of like leather but is super grippy and easy to hold.  I covered my 1947 Leica and Voigtlander Bessa R2 with it and am happy with my decision many years later.  My buddy Joey Pasco, travel photographer, re-covered his M2 with Camera Leather seal grain black and has been very happy with the results too.  Morgan provides great details on how to re-cover your camera on his site or you can also send your body in for him to do it.

Well, I hope my modest list of 2019 Leica repair techs comes in handy the next time you need a part, advice, or for your whole camera to be taken apart and put back together again!

If you have any other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to share their contact information and your experience.

Thanks for reading and keep those classics alive!

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18 thoughts on “The 2019 Leica Repair Tech List

  1. I have used several of these folks over a period of many years. Frank is a legend, but he is retired, but can be convicted to do work it meets his standards. One of my favorites is Jim at Vermont Camera Works, he repaired my M4 after I dropped it for $45. It’s not perfect, but close enough for me, and I can rewind film now. He’s not a Leica specialist though. For me Sherry is the queen of Leica repair, I adore that woman. She may not be as social, or as whatever as some people, but your camera will be like warm butter when it comes home. Having said that I recently sent a CL to Don, and it came back like new, at a great price.

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    1. Jon, thanks for the correction on DAG’s location and for sharing your experiences. I’ll look into Jim also. I am an M6 TTL user and have gotten the impression that Sherry doesn’t seem to like working on them so I just haven’t used her yet but a friend of mine was also very happy with her work.


      1. You are correct, it’s because Leica doesn’t support that model any more and she can’t get parts. It’s caused her major grief. We had a talk about it earlier this year, I live not far from her. I don’t think she is fond of servicing the Barnack Leica’s either. If she doesn’t want to do something she just doesn’t return your email, she is like the Japanese, she doesn’t like to say “No”.


      2. Hey, she has earned that right! Unfortunately, LTM’s and M6 TTL’s are my wheelhouse. She gave a friend of mine the idea that one of the electronics boards in the M6 TTL was prone to failure which sent me on a bit of a mad dash to locate some cold standbys. I talked to DAG and a couple other folks who completely disagreed though. Leica is a funny world!

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  2. Great article, great technicians in their own right!

    I thought I’d chip in my two pennies worth as a newly-launched Leica repair service. Whether your camera is in need of a CLA or a specific technical issue requires attention, I offer a range of packages to fix most mechanical faults.

    I’m based in the UK, where independent repair services are hard to come across. Repairs can usually be completed within 7-10 days of receiving your camera, meaning that you can quickly get back to shooting and do what you do best.

    All the details can be found here:

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  3. DAG Camera: Dan Goldberg is the man! I have used him already twice this year to get the light meter and alignment on my M-6 working and work on an M-2 that had been in storage since the early 70’s.
    He is busy so be patient, your camera will be perfect!

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